Calaveras 2011 Update 

After an intense two weeks of nonstop blogging last year while touring the Southwest, this blogger hung up his mouse and went quiet.  The first reason was my incompetence with computers and things internet--I'm not even sure the blog was published, as it didn't always show up when I logged on the site. The second is that I had some weird health issues surrounding the paralysis of the left side of my face last November which is still pretty pronounced (standard joke--if you ever need a crooked lawyer, I'm…

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No place like home 

All that's left is driving--18 hours of it from Las Cruces to the Bay Area, punctuated only by a stop-over near the desert at a nearly deserted Indian Wells resort.  This time of year, it practically gives its rooms away and still can't fill them.  For people that like to stay in their air conditioned rooms all day and look out the windows at palm trees and lush golf courses at the foot of mountains shimmering mirage-like in 110-degree heat, this is a great place for a vacation.  It's also attractive to…

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Las Cruces 

Finally, a day with just a short drive--about an hour from T or C to Las Cruces and the house of Lee and Cindy Herman--the hosts of our final concert.  We met Lee at the FARWest Folk Alliance conference last November, where he was screening acts for booking at his Las Alturas House Concert Series.  He invited us to perform, setting into motion this whole grandiose plan. Lee and Cindy were waiting for us when we arrived, and welcomed us graciously.  Their house was a cool fortress against the 100 degree…

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Carlsbad to Truth or Consequences 

Friday morning, we came back to the National Park for the cave tour.  Because we needed to be across the state by mid-afternoon, we got there just as it opened and were the first people down the 75-story elevator to the caverns.

The place is amazing.  A paved path with handrails takes you meandering through the caverns for about an hour and a half.  The whole spectacle is gently lit by artfully concealed bulbs, leaving some areas dark and others warmly glowing in their natural colors.  We stopped at one…

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Santa Fe to Carlsbad 

Today we picked up Dave at the Albuquerque airport and headed for Carlsbad by way of Roswell.  Mostly at the insistence of our TV-saturated daughter Olivia, who has seen more than her share of pseudo-scientific shows about UFOs, ESP, Area 51 and other unexplained what-not including the alleged conspiracy that has hidden from public view the truth about a 1947 UFO sighting in Roswell, we aimed our GPS at the Southwest corner of New Mexico.  They call New Mexico the Land of Enchantment, and if you are…

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Santa Fe 

Saturday, we got up at 5, rolled the kids out of bed and into sleeping bags in the van, and drove non-stop to Santa Fe for our afternoon concert at St. John's College. When we got there, my three best friends from law school were waiting for us, and with their help we set up in the plaza at the college.  The show went well, although the crowd was modest, the sun kept retuning the instruments and the altitude (7500 ft.) sucked the wind out of all the long notes.   

After the show, we had an authentic New…

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Boulder, Colorado 

We forced ourselves up at 6 to pack up the van and haul us to Boulder (@6 1/2 hours) to play at the Lounge at Wesley Chapel, a house concert series hosted by Roger Woolsey.  

Driving across Colorado, mostly on Interstate 70, is a pleasant drive punctuated by lofty snowcapped peaks, even in June, and the surging Colorado River racing the Westward traffic toward Utah.

When we got to Boulder, our GPS, which I'm beginning to consider a trickster,  tried to send us down a couple of blockaded streets at the…

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Telluride Bluegrass Festival 

We spent Thursday at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival with thousands of partying people.  The amphitheater was packed and people had claimed their spots by sitting in line for hours, and in many cases overnight.  We lucked out again--Scott Dozier's gang of friends had staked out a space with a big blue tarp about 200 feet in front of center stage and invited us to join them.  We got there in time to hear Josh Ritter, the Dave Rawlings Machine (with Gillian Welch), the Del McCoury Band and Allison Krause …Read more


We woke up in Telluride and finally saw it--a classic western Victorian era town with cute little gingerbread houses and classic brick and stone commercial buildings lining the main street, set in a bowl of pine and aspen covered peaks. 

Today was about getting ready for our first concert—kicking off the Telluride Bluegrass Festival with a free evening concert at the outdoor plaza of the public library.  It’s a two hour show, but it turns out the preparation is monumental.  First of course is booking…

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Mesa Verde 

My mother-in-law is a lovely and fun-loving lady who makes it a point to give me each year for my birthday at least one item from the church thrift shop where she volunteers (along with something of genuine value).  Her past contributions to my garage shelves include the singing wall-plaque bass (“Don’t worry, be happy”) and a cookie jar shaped like a dog that barks when you take the lid off.  This year, she gave me a coaster that reads “I’m so far behind that I think I’m ahead.” 

Well today started…

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Neo Folk Music Fest

Community Church of Mill Valley, 8 Olive Street at Throckmorton, Mill Valley, CA

Greg and Victoria will be swapping songs with award-winning singer/songwriters John Haley-Walker and Caren Armstrong. Come join us for a fun afternoon show!

Adults $20/Kids under 12 $10


Laura Zucker, Calaveras, Chris Hanson: An Evening of Musical Storytelling

The Backroom, 1984 Bonita Ave., Berkeley, CA

We will be playing The Backroom for the first time with our good friends Laura Zucker and Chris Hanson. Both Laura and Chris have won numerous songwriting awards and are wonderful performers. Please check out the venue website link (just click on "The Backroom" above) for more detailed information. Hope to see you there!  

$15.00 in advance/$20 at the door


Songwriter Night

The Monkey House, University Ave, Berkeley, CA

Greg and Victoria join Laura Zucker and Chris Hanson for a variety show of original songs. Laura and Chris are members of our Lafayette song writing circle and we're thrilled to be performing some of the material from our work with this wonderful group. This is a private venue, so you will need to visit the Monkey House website calendar page and click on the reserve seats link for our January 20th show. The venue will then send you a confirmation email with the address and other information. We hope to see you there!

Sliding scale donation $10-20