Boulder, Colorado

We forced ourselves up at 6 to pack up the van and haul us to Boulder (@6 1/2 hours) to play at the Lounge at Wesley Chapel, a house concert series hosted by Roger Woolsey.  

Driving across Colorado, mostly on Interstate 70, is a pleasant drive punctuated by lofty snowcapped peaks, even in June, and the surging Colorado River racing the Westward traffic toward Utah.

When we got to Boulder, our GPS, which I'm beginning to consider a trickster,  tried to send us down a couple of blockaded streets at the university and left us in manual mode until  we stumbled on the chapel.  We  arrived, were greated warmly by Roger (and by the lounge, which lacked air conditioning), left our PA gear and headed for our hotel.  Once again our GPS was mischievous, depositing us in front of the Boulder Homeless Shelter--haha, travelling musicians, homeless shelter, very funny.  It was only a half block  from our hotel, so we assumed it was just an innocent glitch, but I'll be watching the GPS with a jaundiced eye from now on--these jokes can stop being funny if we end up in the wrong county for a gig.

Our host Roger was a very positive and friendly guy, and was apologetic that the lounge was a bit warm and that we would likely have a low turnout given  that the students were gone for the summer and there were several musical events in town this weekend.  We told him we did not expect a big reception  in our first visit, and didn't mind heat nearly as much as cold.  Nonetheless, he set up three or four fans to keep the hot air at bay, which made quite a bit of racket.  When showtime approached, and only a handful of people wandered in, Roger again apologized, but I assured him that we would report honestly on our blog that we were surrounded by noisy fans.



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