Las Cruces

Finally, a day with just a short drive--about an hour from T or C to Las Cruces and the house of Lee and Cindy Herman--the hosts of our final concert.  We met Lee at the FARWest Folk Alliance conference last November, where he was screening acts for booking at his Las Alturas House Concert Series.  He invited us to perform, setting into motion this whole grandiose plan. Lee and Cindy were waiting for us when we arrived, and welcomed us graciously.  Their house was a cool fortress against the 100 degree weather--thick adobe bricks, tall pitched ceilings, double window blinds, surrounded by trees and sunk three feet into the soil.  They, by contrast, were warm.  Within minutes, they'd set our kids up with soft drinks, internet and TV, and ordered boxes of pizza.  Lee set up the stage and PA and tweeked the sound expertly.  As the guests arrived, we knew we were going to have a good evening--everyone brought some food or wine and the mood was decidedly festive even before we started.

We reconfirmed one of the truisms of performing--the more you do it, the better you get.  This was our best show of the trip--tight harmonies, instrumentals clean and precise but energetic, and everything flowing seemingly effortlessly.  It's satisfying to know we can pull that off when, like the big acts, we play night after night.   Tomorrow, it's back to reality and playing once or twice a month.





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