Calaveras Back on Stage! 

Calaveras is back on stage after a nice long break to get our next album going and give Vickie a chance to finish hers (it’s done and it’s amazing—we’ll have it at the concert, and play a couple of songs from   

On Friday October 10, at 7:30 pm, we’ll be the kickoff show of the 5th season for the Point Richmond Acoustic Music series at the First Methodist Church, 201 Martina Street in Point Richmond ( The Series is produced by our wonderful friends and…

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Freight Gig this Fall, New Website, Vickie's new jazz/folk project 

Hello all!  We've been busy boys and girls, and have several BIG things to mention.  First off, as you may have noticed if you are reading this, we just launched a whole new version of our website, which should be a lot easier to navigate, has more functionality, more pictures, embedded videos, a better store, and lots of little improvements. 

Second, we've added some new players to the band this year--the fabulous Sam Bevan (and sometimes the incredible Cindy Brown to accommodate Sam's fabulously busy…

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Happy New Year! 

Here we are again, on the brink of a brand new year, with new hope, new zeal, and 10 new pounds of holiday happiness to apply that hope and zeal to.   

Keeping Calaveras going has been a little challenging this year, with about 8 months of chronic cough and vocal gunk for Vickie (now under control), and Bell's Palsy freezing one side of Greg's face for the past couple of months (although his right profile looks great!).  Plus we lost our old reliable home base for trying out unfamiliar material in front…

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Going South 

Nobody ever said “Go South young man,” but we’re well past being young, and nobody can tell us what to do anymore. So we are going South (only literally, we hope), down to Las Cruces NM by way of Telluride, Boulder, Santa Fe and Truth or Consequences, with a little family R&R time in between. It’s times like this we are thankful for being a hybrid-- industrious suburban family by day and wandering gypsy minstrels by night--the minivan and the day job go a long way to making it possible for us to live…

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Happy New Year! 

This is of course the time of year when people take stock--families write long holiday letters to their friends reporting on everyone's accomplishments (and usually leaving out their arrests, drug rehab stints and psychotic episodes), companies write up their annual reports emphasizing their improvements (minimizing their layoffs, scandals and government investigations), and performers seem compelled to sum up the prior year's feats (rarely describing the nights when there were more people onstage than…

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Aah, New York in the Summer! 

We just got back from our blitz tour of Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Connecticut and NYC. Falcon Ridge was a wondrous experience--those New Englanders like their summer, even if it behaves like winter in California--rained every day; the fields turned into three inches of slick brown muck; thunder and lightning, hail and brimstone, everything but locusts and plague . . .and everybody had a great time. We got caught in a sudden downpour (which turned Dave's unguarded sleeping bag into a water bed) while…

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We're going to Falcon Ridge! 

We got the news recently that we're among the fortunate few that have been selected out of over 500 applicants for the prestigious Emerging Artist Showcase at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in upstate New York ( We are thrilled to be selected, and thrilled that we have enough frequent flyer miles to get us, the kids and the instruments there. The festival is July 24-26th, and we are uber-fortunate that Vickie's brother Matt is the minister of a wonderful church in Newtown…

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Ready to Fly on Major Compilation 

What a gorgeous spring day--birds singing everywhere, roses blooming, a warm breeze, cheerful little children springing out of their beds to skip to school. Wait a minute, that's not my life--I'm just happy because the AARP has chosen our song Ready to Fly to be on a major compilation album about growing older, featuring Natalie Merchant, Livingston Taylor and other singer-songwriters I admire. It's going to be used to raise funds for senior foster care, a concept that has been developed in New…

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National Release of Green Girl 

Over the next several weeks, Powderfinger Productions will be promoting our latest album, Green Girl, on Americana radio programs across the nation. Our house is cluttered with stacks of CDs, press materials, and cute little green picks featuring the wood sprite (aka Green Girl) from our album cover. In a week they, along with our musical fate, will all be in the hands of hundreds of Americana DJs. This will be our first national CD release, and coincides with our mini-tour of Southern California…

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Coming Events

Previous events


Neo Folk Music Fest

Community Church of Mill Valley, 8 Olive Street at Throckmorton, Mill Valley, CA

Greg and Victoria will be swapping songs with award-winning singer/songwriters John Haley-Walker and Caren Armstrong. Come join us for a fun afternoon show!

Adults $20/Kids under 12 $10


Laura Zucker, Calaveras, Chris Hanson: An Evening of Musical Storytelling

The Backroom, 1984 Bonita Ave., Berkeley, CA

We will be playing The Backroom for the first time with our good friends Laura Zucker and Chris Hanson. Both Laura and Chris have won numerous songwriting awards and are wonderful performers. Please check out the venue website link (just click on "The Backroom" above) for more detailed information. Hope to see you there!  

$15.00 in advance/$20 at the door


Songwriter Night

The Monkey House, University Ave, Berkeley, CA

Greg and Victoria join Laura Zucker and Chris Hanson for a variety show of original songs. Laura and Chris are members of our Lafayette song writing circle and we're thrilled to be performing some of the material from our work with this wonderful group. This is a private venue, so you will need to visit the Monkey House website calendar page and click on the reserve seats link for our January 20th show. The venue will then send you a confirmation email with the address and other information. We hope to see you there!

Sliding scale donation $10-20