1. My Town

From the recording My Town

Grand prize winner, West Coast Songwriters International Song Contest 2005. This song grew out of living in Linden, California (pop. 1200 or so) and hearing small town jokes as a kid (told by the kids in the nearby bustling metropolis of Lodi).


My Town My town it’s a drive-on-by town It’s an if-you’re-going-60-you’ll-miss-it-if-you-blink-your-eye town It’s a bunch of little houses and a bank and a grocery, nothing much special to see But my town is the only town for me. I moved to the city for a couple of years but I could never call it home Funny how so many people can make you feel so alone I guess they got some pretty nice women there beneath the perfume and the paint But you never know which ones are and which ones ain’t It sure ain’t like My town it’s a folks-say-hi town It’s a kids-on-bikes and a flags-on-the-Fourth-of-July town You can come around for some lemonade and visit ‘neath a big shade tree That’s why my town is the only town for me I came back home and married Mary Jo, I’ve known her since I was four The sweetest girl in the whole wide world and she was livin’ right next door The best things in life are like that, sittin’ right under your nose You go chasin’ daisies when you’re already holding a rose And that goes for My town it’s an average-guy town A get-married-settle-down-have-kids-and-eventually-die town But there’s no place I hold dear like here among friends and family Cause my town is the only town for me. You get you’re birthday in the paper, with a coupon for one free beer And just about every decade, you get to be man of the year Right here in My town, it’s an average-guy town, It’s a folks-say-hi town It’s a drive-on-by town Oh it’s my town.